Gmail, YOuTube on HMS

Can Huawei with HMS Device allow Gmail, YouTube App download, can anyone provide a guide?

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Can Huawei with HMS Device allow Gmail, YouTube App download, can anyone provide a guide?

Gmail Solve

On your P40 look for and open you email app

Select Email.
Scroll to and select Gmail.
Click continue.
Input your Gmail credentials and press next.
Enter your Gmail password Sign in.

(A pop up will open requesting permission)

Select Allow.
Gmail is active. Allow a few minutes for it to sync.


Google App Suite (Complete)

An easy alternative to accessing the full range of Google apps is Petal Search.

Open the Huawei AppGallery and search “Petal Search”

Once installed search for YouTube or Gmail. Select the desired app and open or install as required.

Where available Apps can be downloaded directly to your Home Screen via Quick App Centre. You will recognise downloadable apps by a lightening bolt on the bottom left of the app icon.

The Huawei P40 after your second Quick App Center download will prompt you to save Quick App Centre to your home screen. Once you do, looking for apps here will be second nature.

Adding Gmail was relatively easy using the standard email application on HMS. If I were to compare it to the Android based GMail application though – the emails are automatically caterogized as Primary, Updates and Promotions (this enables mostly the promotional/update emails to be received with no alerts and automatically categorized – as usually these emails are received at a high frequentcy rate). With the HMS the emails are received within one folder which are not categorized and you find the phone alerting more often with the promotions/update emails received within Gmail.

Sorry, just noticed that Gmail application is downloaded using petal search – so this resolves what I raised.

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