Huawei P40 Unboxed

When I was asked to participate in an HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) product test, I was both nervous and excited. Nervous because I’ve used iOS for the last 8 years and vowed never to change, excited because HMS promised to answer all questions Google and iOS. Can they do it? We have the next 2 weeks to find out.

My delivery contained a Gold Huawei P40, 128GB device. In your box, you will find a 2 pin “Huawei SuperCharge” charger, 1x USB C charger, Earphones (Cabled) a sim card extractor and a Flexi see-through cover.

The device is dual sim enabled with a multi sim (reversed sim tray) and cames with a 52% precharge. When I checked the battery life, 52% should give me 9hours of regular use. We decided to put this to the test and will not charge the device till failure.

3 rear-facing cameras make for an interesting time with the kids, in the garden, cooking. At 30x zoom with an always active stabilizer, it really is difficult to take a bad shot! The camera housing holds a 50MP Ultra Vision Camera, below it is a 16MP Wide Angle Camera and at the top is an 8MP Telephoto Camera. I’m an avid amateur photographer and am thrilled by the depth and volume of colour. The ability to scrub from wide shots to sharp tight 30x is mesmerising. So too is the immediate colour and light adjustment. Normally one would need to seek out and adjust light tolerance.

My primary device is an iPhone Plus. Although size does matter you get more bang for buck from the Huawei. The device feels smaller but delivers an insane 6.1-inch screen whilst the iPhone has only 5.5 inches in its arsenal.

Over the next two weeks, I and a handful of preselected users will be reviewing Huawei’s HMS offers, apps, ease of use and relatability to the user. 1 day in I am inspired! Follow our journey here.

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