Image Gallery Huawei P40 Series

Its no secret, Huawei and Google are not in a collaborative space currently. For those stuck on Google Photos, I will explain below how to get your images into the cloud. For the rest of us, here’s how to get the most out of you Huawei P40 series camera.

HMS comes packed with features that you will enjoy. Much like Andriod and iOS, HMS has a cloud solution that will house your images, documents, videos etc. Gallery is one of these.

Images you take are immediately stored in your Gallery. If you used “Phone Clone” to set up your new device, you will find the images from your old device in your Gallery. New camera images are by default, saved by date/time and geo-tag. Geo-tag can be disabled in your settings.

Gallery comes with cloud storage. By default, this will be off when you first use your device. You will need to activate this to view files and images across all devices. Your Huawei device comes with a free plan of 5GB. You may upgrade to a 50GB account for R14.99 monthly. Huawei is currently running a “Special Offer” of R0.00 (Free) for the first year for Huawei P40 users. Please note that after a year, you will be billed an annual billing. These prices are comparable to any cloud storage service currently available.

HMS allows you to upload to your Google Photo storage. There are 2 ways of doing this. On your mobile device, open your web browser and login to your Google Photos account. Select the images you wish to upload. You can also search for Google Photos in Petal Search. This will open as a URL. You will be given an option to save to Homescreen as a quick app. Once saved, enter your logins and select images you wish to upload. Google photos will not upload automatically. You will need to return frequently to ensure your backups are up to date.

Huawei’s Gallery and cloud storage solutions have proven to be very efficient, once one acclimatises to using HMS, its offerings become second nature and habitual.

We will keep updating Gallery improvements and synergies as they become available.

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